Congratulations on your upcoming birth! I love birth; it is a gift. Whether you are a first-time mom or dad, experienced mother of five, recovering from a previous traumatic birth experience, or a birth professional like myself, each birth is an invitation. An invitation to learn and grow, to discover depths of self, to embrace the element of the unknown, and to confidently surrender to the process. As a birth doula serving Wooster, Ohio; Wayne County, and the surrounding communities, I have the privilege of empowering parents in the journey and offering information, encouragement, and support throughout labor and delivery.

As a mother of four, my own personal birth experiences taught me that giving birth according to our bodies' design is a powerfully precious thing, deserving of honor, respect, and nurturing care in a safe, trust-filled environment. Unfortunately, due to the prevalent birth culture in America today, that doesn't often happen with self-education and thoughtful, purposeful decisions. Kudos to you for making that a priority!


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